Can I order a CUSTOM or PORTRAIT baby to look like my baby's photo?
Custom or portrait commissions are considered on an individual basis. Note: Prices are generally higher than the current pricing for One-of-a-Kind babies ($1000+)
Please email for more information.
HOW DO I PURCHASE a baby? WHEN will there be more babies available?
If you would like to be notified by email immediately when new babies are made available, please subscribe to the newsletter.
Where are the PRICES? What do the babies cost?
Large and Unlimited Edition resin replica babies ranges $99 -$150
Limited Artist’s Editions (Under 50, hand produced by the artist) $200-500
One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) babies are totally unique and hand sculpted original art.  Rare. Price ranges $1000 to $3000+
Is the "SMELL OF RAIN" email a true story? Are the photos real?

Apparently the story about the premature baby was taken from a magazine, though later some of the photos attached to the email were taken from this website, and are not of the actual baby. For more information about the email “the smell of rain” see Snopes urban legend article.

Are the babies made of MARZIPAN, SUGAR, CHOCOLATE or SOAP?

 No. These are email rumors that are untrue. (See article on Urban Legends website)